Download and save images from the website
For images that are animated:
  • click anywhere on the right side of the image to toggle the animation on and off.
  • once the animation has been toggled off, then, clicking on the left or middle parts of the image will trigger image download actions.
For images that are not animated:
  • click anywhere on the left side of the image to download an image at the currently displayed size.
  • click anywhere in the middle part of the image to download an image that is sized at 1080 pixels.
May 14, 2020
What is art?

The answer to such a question changes with time because our experiences and knowledge grow. At this point in time, my answer is that "art is the act of describing an idea by creating something that resembles or reflects that idea."

Describing is essential. I have an idea, whether visual or conceptual, and trying to figure out how to give that idea form through an image created by software is a reasonably accurate summary of me doing computer art everyday. Often, the idea has changed by the time I reach an output that I like, and that, too, is part of art.

Creating is essential. Reading about art is not art until you use that knowledge to create your own art. The act of creating involves your interpretation and your own contribution - and that is when you create your own art.

What is your view or definition of art?

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