Does the artistic medium shape the content? I use computer software to create graphics content. Software is a form of automation, so, writing software leads me to explore the impact of automation on the creative process, the learning process and our perceptions of the artistic content.

Chi Nguyen

Chi Nguyen

During junior and high school, I was fortunate to learn software programming on Apple IIe computers. During the next 30+ years, I learned more programming while studying for a BSc Engineering degree (Harvard University), wrote software at banks (Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank), analyzed software businesses at private equity funds (Eventures UK, Evolution Global Partners), started software businesses (Procomsoft, 10 Dots) and taught programming to engineering students (Portsmouth University).

Currently, I work with companies on software projects and experiment with computer art.



Please send comments and suggestions to chi@everydaycomputerart.com


Graphics software

The images and animations displayed on this website are created using JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas API. The drawing is done using a combination of the Canvas API and my own Turtle graphics library.