Everyday computer art
After 30+ years of software programming and 14 years of that teaching at university, I've developed an interest in the influence of computers and automation on how people learn and our perceptions of art. This website is a log book from my experiments using software to generate computer graphics, which combine my interests in education, software and art.
Creating images and animations

The images and animations displayed on this website are created using JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas API. The drawing is done using a combination of the Canvas API and my own library based on Turtle graphics concepts advocated by Seymour Papert.

The strength of JavaScript is its flexibility: simple enough for beginners to learn, sufficiently high performance to power applications, fits into the traditional procedural programming paradigm and sufficiently advanced to fit into object-oriented or functional programming paradigms. With the ubiquity and power of JavaScript, everyone can try digital art!

Chi Nguyen

After emigrating from Viet Nam to America at the age of 9, I learned BASIC programming on Apple IIe computers during junior and high school. While studying at Harvard University (BSc Engineering), I learned Pascal, C, C++, Lisp and SQL. I acquired more software design and programming experience working in Europe at Goldman Sachs (Programmer Analyst), Deutsche Bank (Associate Director), Eventures UK (CTO), Evolution Global Partners (Principal) and Procomsoft (CEO). My experiences in the financial services industry coincided with the rise of the Internet, during which I learned Perl, (Sybase) Transact-SQL, Unix Motif, HTML, Java, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

After 10 years in the financial services industry, I spent the next 14 years teaching in the UK at the University of Portsmouth (Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering) where I taught C programming, product design and research methods for engineering students. While teaching, I learned about the work of John Maeda and his innovative use of computers for art.

Currently, I work with companies on software projects and create learning materials for computer art and GCSE Computing.

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